A theme for member-only content sites.

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Introduction to Patron

Patron is a theme that lets you create a content and membership site. In essence, it's like hosting an independent Patreon, where your fans/community can pay to access your member-only content, but on your own domain, on a platform you control.

You can charge monthly or yearly memberships and create member-only content for your paying subscribers.

Ghost also includes newsletters so you can send out your posts over email.

With Patron+Ghost, you can put content from any platform behind a paywall, including:

  • text- and image-based posts
  • early previews of your YouTube videos
  • email newsletters
  • extended or secret podcast episodes
  • member-only AMAs and discussions
  • and more!


  • the homepage is a place to explain your content and memberships, with content available on /posts/
  • member-only posts are locked from visitors
  • multiple prompts to become a paying member
  • supports free and paid memberships
  • customisable home page
  • customisable post list: easily show or hide authors, primary tags and reading time
  • automatic dark mode
  • icons and labels show current user's access
  • built-in optional commenting with Cove
  • easy-to-edit HTML-based theme files

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