Developer Kit

A powerful skeleton theme for creating Ghost themes.

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Developer Kit

Introduction to Developer Kit

The Super Themes Co. Developer Kit is a powerful skeleton theme for creating Ghost themes.

It is easy to create Ghost themes using Developer Kit. All major page types are included alongside helpful code snippets to help build out all kinds of Ghost sites.

Developer Kit is perfect for companies or individuals who want to create a new custom theme, and for theme developers who want a solid base on which to create new themes.


  • all major default pages needed for Ghost sites: index, home, posts, pages, author pages, tag pages
  • non-default pages like author list and tag list pages
  • helpful code snippets for showing data in different ways (e.g. related posts, post lists, different home page layouts)
  • extras like Table of Contents, reading progress indicators and large image views
  • sensible code separation and helpful partial files
  • support for Ghost and Cove comments
  • development and build scripts for easy development
  • Tailwind CSS (but very little design in place, so you can start from scratch)
  • amazing documentation
  • helpful comments throughout the code
  • example custom settings
  • pagination and "Load more" options
  • full translation support


The license for this theme allows use for both personal and commercial themes. You are allowed to sell themes you make with Developer Kit.

When purchasing you can choose to buy a single site license or a multi site license. The single site license allows use on a single Ghost site (you need to buy another Developer Kit if you want to use it on a second site). The multi site license allows you to use the Developer Kit on unlimited sites.

Development and updates

Developer Kit will be improved over time, both with new code snippets as well as support for new Ghost features as they are releases.

All future updates and code improvements will be available for free. Changes and new code will be listed in the Developer Kit documentation.

Example features

Helpful pre-coded elements, ready to be fully styled with Tailwind.
Scrolling indicator
Image viewer for single images and galleries.

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